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Ryan St. Germain Photography 

Brooklyn, NY

February. 2014

Light and Decay Photography 

New Orleans, LA

November, 2014

Robbie Hassett Photography

February, 14’

Brooklyn, NYC

I keep this photo on my chest of drawers… My goblin king… I’ve known since I was just a wee little punk. Maybe 13-14 years old, really just a baby. He watched after me on the streets. He cared for me and was always watching. my goblin king. And he was. I almost remember it like the labyrinth… Me being a wild, lost little girl and he being the goblin king… The real goblin king.. He has always been one of those enchanting spirits that didn’t seem human.. Something else. Something shining and dark and otherworld. He was weighing heavy on my thoughts over the last few days, and I just came to understand that his time did come and he is no longer with us on this plain. We used to write each other often… We would send each other mix tapes and locks of hair, art, leaves from our parts of the world in that fall season. I understand that he met his kindred spirit, his love, and was happy, and really LIVING. We would make each other swell with pride… We both survived and fought for happiness and to live. We made it out on the other side. As time grew on we didn’t keep in very close communication. But he was an important character in my early developing and we have always been very connected. There is a photo of him on my dresser and one of his dreadlocks on my alter. He will always be with me and I will miss him so. Rest in peace 138

Traveling to and booking in NYC! (Scheduling for October 22-27)

New York! I’ll be in you from October 23rd through October 28th for a short modeling trip. If anyone is interested in booking me during that time don’t hesitate to contact me! 


oh gawd this is pretty. Who is responsible for this?

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I Had a recent request for a helpful chart for placements of spanking strokes for basic discipline spankings. though spankings in essence are a very safe thing as you are striking a very padded area, but its important to know the zones and what sort of risk is there if you strike haphazardly. Always make certain you are paying attention to how hard and where you are striking. You as a spanker you want to bring your spankee to tears…but you do not want to hurt them or cause damage or a situation where outside aid is needed.

There also is a time and a place for a more erotic spanking those which do include the light smacking of genitals and even the very tender of holes, but those are never to be struck unless you have BOTH agreed to do so before hand, and much communication and care in doing so, and should not be apart of a basic, therapy or discipline spanking.

Yes, some of this I always thought to be common sense, until you get accidentally smacked really hard in the kidneys or pussy or something.

This is brilliant! Educate! I like getting spanked but its a major buzzkill if you get it in one of the aforementioned areas on that chart!

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Carl Sagan: “The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.” 

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The Swing at the End of the World

There’s a swing on the edge of a cliff in Ecuador. It has no safety measures and is called the ‘Swing at the End of the World’.

But what if the branch breaks

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